Welcome to the420game.com

We are recruiting the most competent teams for an out-of-this-world adventure beginning 4/20/2001.  Due to the nature of the task, we want teams to have experience with altered states of consciousness and worlds other than the "reality" we normally experience.  We want teams capable of noticing what those mired in one reality might gloss over and miss. Do you have what it takes to participate?  You are here, checking us out in the world we call the Internet, so you have potential. 

The application is now available online.

Stay tuned for more information at this site.  In the meantime, the following links will give you some idea of the experience you need and the experience you will have.

 Oh dear, I shall be late!
 Healing, relaxation, ascension
 Wall of light
 The history of it all
 Try to light it
 How plugs become erotic
 For the serious smoker
 Lots of dice
 Tungus of Siberia
 Exploring virtual personalities
 Real deserts
 Adrenaline junkies
 Blacklisted guru
 Ecstatic dancing
 By console we swear
 In here, the stories are told
 Isles of cereological matters
 Origins of Lucy
 Lucid dreaming


If you have any questions, please write us at  gc@the420game.com
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