Game Control Setup

We were shooting for a pretty high-tech Game Control. To that end, we decided to install GPS devices into the teams' vans, so that we would know where the they were at all times. We worked with a company called @Road, who sells these devices to companies that need to track a fleet of cars. We were able to work out a deal to rent 16 devices, one of which we used for testing and on the clue placing car, and the other 15 of which we installed in their vans the day of The Game. @Road has a web interface for managing the fleet, complete with detailed maps, so we hooked up a laptop to the big screen TV. This gave us a great overview of where all the teams were, and it allowed us to know exactly where a particular team was at a given time. We used this information a couple times during The Game in keeping with The Matrix theme.

The teams were given two help line numbers and a confirmation line. The latter was strictly reserved for quick confirmations of clue answers, so that hopefully, busy signals were kept to a minimum. Help was given based on how long the team had been working on the clue, and we tried to record as much information as possible about each call.

Putting on a Game takes a lot of work from a lot of people. We had a long list of people that helped in different capacities. Click here to see the thank you list.