Thank You

Game Control for the 420 game consisted of many people, and we want take this opportunity to give them the thanks they deserve.
First, 15 people drove the team's vans from the Roxie to the North Berkeley Bart station, and they had to get up awfully early to do it. Most of them did this without knowing too much about the game, so their contribution is even greater in some ways. The drivers were: Ben Jackson and Greg Lawerence also showed up to drive if necessary, but didn't end up having to.

Second, the Women in Red had a tough task -- they had to pretend to be a team and act convincingly enough that at least some of you believed them. We think they succeeded fabulously. They were : Third, the vans had to be organized in the North Berkeley Lot, and the GPS devices had to be installed. Scott Coon (a.k.a. Cobalt) gave a ton of himself to this on Saturday, and without his efforts, the whole GPS thing might have failed. Lisa Clark (a.k.a. Hawk) also helped out at the end of this process, and both of them were responsible for getting all the vans ready in time.

These two then had to administer the quiz in the North Berkeley Bart lot, and they were out there all day. With Advil coming in at about 1:30pm and Radiks showing up around 920pm, they had a long day. Scott managed to get heat stroke, sacrificing his body in the true GC spirit. We thank both Lisa and Scott mightily for their in-costume service on game day.

Clue placement is often an arduous job, requiring long drives and careful checking that the right clues and slats were left at the right places. In our case, it also involved a long hike and a climb. We thank the following people for helping with this: Dennise Lite (aka the Oracle) pushed her body to the breaking point, sitting in Glen Canyon Park all afternoon. She clearly won the "longest stint without a bathroom" award for GC, and had to suffer through sitting near the cookies without being able to eat them. Dennise also helped a ton with clue testing and building and was the chief comedienne at GC during the game. She also ran the lights and sound at the Roxie. We also took over her house while baking the cookies and doing final costume arrangements.

Lisa Clark (a.k.a Hawk), in addition to greeting all the teams at the Roxie and doing the North Berkeley Bart thing, designed all the costumes for the game (including the Women in Red). Due to some thiefs in the Mission, she also had to redesign a costume and replace the missing one for A.C.T., where she had rented it. She also designed the paintings clue and made many artistic suggestions to improve the presentation of all the clues. Additionally, she helped with clue building and testing. She also contributed her cell phone for use during the game. Given that Lisa has no interest in ever playing in a game, we are even more grateful that for her contributions to this one. She was by far the fastest stamper of slats.

Scott Coon (a.k.a Cobalt), in addition to all his contributions during the game itself, also helped out by suggesting the line clue (which is based on an idea by Rob Hetzel of Silicon Age, Inc), playtesting several clues, helping to build several clues, and buying more than 900$ worth of groceries for GC and the teams.

Although 420-GC started off with just Martin and David, two other people were in on most of the planning and work. Daishi Harada (Kretek) and Jesse Dorogusker (Doro) contributed weeks of their time to the 420 game. In addition to helping with building most of the clues and doing what needed to be done, they were responsible for some of the coolest ideas. Jesse designed the lights clue and the 2x4 clue, designed the frame + slats and arranged for the laser cutting for them, made the castle rock falls trail beacons, debugged most of the clues, and was a star phone answerer. Daishi designed the cookie and video clues, helped perfect the frame/slat clue, playtested most of the clues, answered the phone, donated a few radios, and was the voice behind the fed ex phone on 4/20.

Deborah Moniot (a.k.a Woman in Red) was a clue building queen. She's the fastest person in the west with a paper cutter. She also was terrific answering phones, and came up with the basic Women in Red costume idea. She also did some shopping and playtested several clues.

Eugene Choi (a.k.a the fed ex guy) is the only person outside the inner group of 4 to stay up all night to answer phones. He also organized the valet "parkers" and helped a lot with clue building and testing. Also, he contributed his cell phone for the game. Most importantly, perhaps, he was the grill king, and kept both us and the finishing teams all fed.

Lynn Fisher (a.k.a Capt. of the Women in Red) was the windmill building goddess. Her crafts skills and supplies helped us through many of the clue building parties. Watching her with an exacto and a can of spray mount was kinda scary!

Andrea Frome (a.k.a Woman in Red) tested a few clues and helped during several of the clue building "parties". She also contributed her cell phone to the game, and helped answer phones as well.

Greg Lawerence came to most of the clue building parties and helped to build and test several of the clues.

Ross McIntyre did the Morpheus impersonation for the opening speech.

Matt Sakal helped to test the line clue and to build a few clues in addition to driving a van.

Tom Bogart helped at several of the clue building parties in addition to placing the Justin Herman clue and driving a van.

Kevin Lucas cut about half the slats in a single afternoon with a little jigsaw in a paint fume filled basement.

We'd also like to thank: Click here for a list of detailed help on each clue.