The Beginning of The Game

Video | Statement Text | Audio clip of Morpheus | Teams Presentation

Teams were instructed to meet us at The Roxie Theater in San Francisco at 9:30am. We had 15 valet parkers waiting for the vans who immediately drove the vans to North Berkeley BART, unbeknownst to the teams. Inside, the teams had their pictures taken and then waited while Matrix music played softly on the speakers. Just before 10, the lights dimmed and the music stopped. The opening song from The Matrix Soundtrack began playing loudly through the speakers. On the first hard beat, the door slammed open and Swiss, Pivot, Kretek, and Doro, in full matrix costumes, filed down the aisle past the teams to the stage. They posed for a few seconds until the music faded and Swiss made his way to the podium. At this time, Swiss informed the teams of a dire emergency. Zion was cut off and without power, those who knew the coordinates were all inside, and there was a danger of the machines locating the city and destroying humanity's chances of survival. Fortunately, Morpheus had foreseen this possibility and had left a trail to Zion within the matrix. The teams' task had changed to finding Zion and restoring power before the machines did and before Zion lost its oxygen supply. Click here to read the statement. Click here to see a short video of the start.

Next, Pivot got up and introduced all the teams. He gave a presentation with snippets from the application and pre-game. To view the presentation, click here.

Lastly, The Recruiters used the agents coded by the teams to determine the order they were sent out into the field. All 16 agents were placed on the video game board and allowed to eace against each other (see picture above). As they finished in the video game, the teams got the clue that would lead them to The Oracle, their first stop on the way to finding Zion.

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