Swiss's Statement At The Roxie

Hello teams. My name is Swiss, this is Pivot, Kretek, and Doro. Yesterday, you learned about the training that was planned for you. Unfortunately, the situation has changed. As you took your pills yesterday, Neo, Morpheus, and all the other ship leaders arrived in Zion for a big meeting to determine the course of the next several months, including the work you were to have done. Just an hour ago, something terrible happened. A major movement of the Earth's crust in the vicinity of Zion has caused serious damage. As a result, Zion is without power. If the emergency generators are not turned on to pump in oxygen, Zion has less than 30 hours to support its population. In addition, they are cut off from entering The Matrix. Before everything went dark, Morpheus sent a transmission addressed to you. We will let it speak for itself:

The audio clip of Morpheus' message

Hello new recruits. Zion is falling into darkness. Without power, we will last approximately 30 hours. We believe that the emergency generators are intact, but unfortunately, our path is blocked by the rubble. You must find Zion before the machines do and turn on the auxiliary power. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you our location over this insecure transmission, as it will surely spell humanity's doom, and everyone who knows the coordinates is inside. Foreseeing this possibility, I have hidden within the matrix a trail that will lead you to us. Though this transmission has probably already been intercepted, it is my hope that your superior knowledge of the matrix, as its inhabitants, will allow you to find the answer first. Good luck!

We have all lived outside the Matrix for a long time, so we are not well equipped for this task. You 15 teams are the only hope for finding Zion. Before the message we played for you, we received a transmission from Zion with some information that will help us guide you from outside the Matrix, where we will be watching your progress. With any luck, this information was not intercepted by the machines. The first thing you will do is visit the Oracle, who will guide you to the beginning of the trail. The coded message you receive from us as you leave will help you find her.

We will send you out staggered, so that the machines can't destroy everyone at once, and hopefully at least one of you will find Zion. The order that you are sent out will be determined by the quality of the agents that you programmed and turned in to us yesterday. We will run a game with all 16 teams' agents vying for resources and solving clues. When your agent finishes, you may exit from the side door. As you leave, Hawk will hand you the information that will lead you to the Oracle. So that we can keep track of your progress and possibly help any way we can here outside the matrix, please contact us as soon as you have solved each clue. If you are the last team to find one of the clues, please take the remaining material with you if possible, so that the trail is destroyed behind you. Your vehicles are being equipped with a device that will allow them to travel in and out of the Matrix with you, should that become necessary. We will have that done as soon as we can, but until then you will not have a vehicle.

Good luck!