As instructed by Game Control, we next headed to the Santa Cruz Lighthouse. There, we found stickers at the lighthouse with EMP#: 415-289-2284 printed on them.

Again, things went slightly wrong here. GC had wired this phone number electronically so that when it was called, it would trigger some lights in the distance to start flashing. This would, according to the storyline we were following, have served to EMP the Women in Red's team vehicle.

{According to David Andre of GC: "EMP is an Electro-magnetic pulse, which disables any electronics within its blast radius."}

The flashing lights would also have spelled the word TRINITY in Braille. And I think this is where we would have needed the binoculars because they were off in the distance, across the water. We found out later that only one team, Team Advil, arrived early enough to see this clue working as it should, then a neighbor complained about the lights and they had to change the clue.

So instead, GC changed the phone number so that an answering machine picked up when you dialled it, and a voice said "TRINITY."

In addition to that information, we also had the clue envelope which we had picked up in the forest. The envelope had this image on the outside:

click on image to see it full-size

and this on the inside:

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And these two pieces of paper were inside:

click on the image to see it full size


(above image stolen off Eric Mao's web site because it was clearer than mine)