I don't know enough about baseball to solve this clue, and I snoozed through most of it anyway, so I'm relying on David Andre of Game Control to explain how it worked. The words below are his.

"First, you have to know that the ordering is:

Pitcher   1
Catcher   2
First Base   3
Second Base   4
Third Base   5
Short Stop   6
Left Field   7
Center Field   8
Right Field   9

Now, the ? in the 1st box (second baseman, first inning) should be a 5, because the second baseman advanced to home while the 3rd baseman (position 5) was up to bat.

In the 2nd box, the ? should be a 1, because the center fielder struck out for the first out of the inning.

In the 3rd box, the ? should be a 5, because the 1st baseman grounded out to 3rd (position 5) who threw the ball to 1st (position 3) for the out.

In the 4th box, the ? should be a 2, because the 3rd baseman got a double (which can be seen b/c the notation is between 1st and 2nd and there is no notation between home and 1st, and the xBy notation indicates a hit to position, so can be read as x-bases from a hit to y-position, so in this case, is double to left field).

In the 5th box, the ? should be a 3, because the left fielder reached on an error by the first baseman (position 3).

In the 6th box, the ? should be a 1, because the right fielder got picked off by the pitcher (PO stands for pick-off, and the throw was from pitcher to 1st baseman).

In the 7th box (Catcher, 2nd inning), the ? should be a 2, because the catcher reached on a catchers error (catcher is position #2).

In the 8th box, the ? should be a 1, because the shortstop advanced to 3rd on the pitcher's popup to right field. (the pitcher's pos is 1).

In the 9th box, the ? should be a 9, because the pitcher flied out to right field (position = 9).

Finally, in the 10th box, the ? should be a 2, because the second baseman was the second out of the inning.

Phone # - 515-231-2192 When you called it, you heard the message "Press #". Then a female voice asked for a passcode. You don't have this until you figure out "trinity" from the answering machine (the number of which you got at the lighthouse), which was to have come from the braille initially. When you code in trinity, the voice then instructed you to go to george's log cabin in Felton, etc, etc"

OK it's Alexandra again. I believe that the exact message was:


David also told me this: "For advil, they followed the above, up until the lights, which we had to turn off halfway through their solving of the clue. At this point, we changed the phone # to have an answering machine on it that just gave the message "trinity".

After advil, I think the phone started not working at all, so we took to just calling the teams on the cell phone.

For several teams, we kept up the deal with going to the lighthouse, but at some point we started just telling teams the phone # directly or just telling them "trinity". At some later point, we changed the information you got from calling the 515 # to send teams directly to {the next clue site after George's Log Cabin}, b/c the teams were really falling behind at that point."

Clue 10