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Blackbird Pie

Blood & Bones

Devil's Dick

Doh! Boys

Evil Masterminds

The Herbs

Joint Venture

Know Nothings

Team MaxPower - click to read all about it
Max Power

Mystic Fish

Puzzle Fighters


Red 5

Smoking High Monks

Women in Red

We invited 15 teams to be part of The 420 Game, plus we had one fake team, the Women in Red. The reason for the number was that we only had 15 GPS devices at our disposal. Fortunately, we only had to turn away two teams, and both those teams turned in their application after the deadline. To see the application the teams had to submit, click here. We ended up with 15 great teams with different personalities ranging in size from 2 to 8. There were experienced teams, including winners of past games, and two rookie teams. To see more information about the teams, click here or click on one of the teams' logos above. To view a more complete presentation, given at the beginning of The Game, click here. See also Awards.