The 4/20 Statement

By now, thanks to the campaign of Neo, The One, you have all heard about The Matrix.  Let us assure you that what you have heard is true.  Having studied your qualifications, we believe you will be able to accept the notion that you have been living in a dream world, fabricated by your enemies to keep you alive and complacent while they use your energy to feed themselves.  By choosing to join us, you must accept this terrible truth and pledge to do all you can to change it.

As you have heard, a number of us have been able to escape, and we live in a city near the center of the earth called Zion.  With the arrival of The One, we have the opportunity to free all of mankind and to defeat the machines which have enslaved us.  This is where you come in.  The liberation must happen from within.  Most humans, unlike you, are not prepared for the truth, and would not survive their escape from “reality” without a lot of help.  It will be your job, in the coming months, to prepare the population of Earth for the eventuality of this escape, and to prepare them for the ensuing battle against the machines.  In the meantime, the leaders of Zion will prepare for war.  The day that humanity is freed, we will strike.  The machines will be weakened by the lack of a ready energy source, but the chance of failure is nonetheless immense.  The machines have beaten us before, and unless you do your jobs perfectly in preparing the rest of humanity, we will again be enslaved, surely without any chance of ever escaping again.

Now, you have a choice.  Take the blue pill, and you will wake up inside the matrix with no memory of today’s events.  Take the red pill, and we show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Good.  Now listen carefully.  Your orientation is tomorrow at 9:15am.  Please bring your entire team to the Roxie Theater on 16th St at Valencia in San Francisco no earlier than 9 and no later than 9:15.  Do NOT park your car.  There will be someone to valet park your vehicle right in front of the theater.  During your orientation, we will equip your vehicle with a device that allows it to travel with you in and out of the matrix.  Please have important materials with you going in to the theater.  You should be mobile but prepared.  This package has additional information and materials that will be important during your training.  It includes a copy of The Matrix, the history of our struggle up to this point.  We highly recommend that you be familiar with it and that you have it with you at all times.

The pill you have taken is part of a trace program.  This allows us to pinpoint your location in the real world, so that we can take you out of the matrix when necessary.  For now, you will remain within the matrix and prepare for your training.  Soon enough, you will see everything there is to see.  We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.