The Clues

In The 420 Game, we had 16 basic clues plus a final clue that incorporated information found at each of the sites. We attempted to shy away from paper clues when possible, and for those that were on paper, we created good-looking envelopes like the one above. There was a plot line that ran through all the clues, and we had several clues that were in keeping with the Matrix theme. Each clue was labeled with the teams' stickers so that it was possible to know how many and which teams were ahead of you. The knowledge needed to solve the clues included Japanese characters, popular music identification, codes such as braille, ascii, and semaphore, baseball scoring, state capitals, scenes from the movie The Matrix, and, of course, matrix math.

To see the individual clues and their solutions, click on the buttons in the frame to the left. One of the players, Alexandra Dixon of team Mystic Fish, spent a lot of time documenting the clues we used in The 420 Game, so we are using her content with her permission. Check out her whole site dedicated to Game related activities, To see a recap of the game, including a clue by clue description of what we were trying to accomplish, click here or click on the "Clue Recap" link in the frame to the left at any time. For a detailed list of who did what on each clue, click here or click on the "Clue Details" link in the frame to the left. To go back to the main menu and the home page, click here or click on the "420 Home Page" link in the frame to the left.