This clue was located at a large park with a large lake. It would have been difficult to find the exact clue site, except that - if you look at the cover of the CD from Clue 6 - that showed us exactly where to go. We like it when clues are connected like that.

We located the dock on the lake but the clue was not there. Josh Cooper, one of our team, even got into his swim trunks and climbed down the ladder into the water (which was very cold), and checked to see if the clue might be attached to the bottom of the ladder. It wasn't.

After searching fruitlessly for about a half hour, we called Game Control. They told us that the clue had been "compromised" and had been moved to the bushes to the right of the dock. We found it almost immediately after that.

{It turned out after the game that before we arrived at the lake, Team MaxPower, our arch-rivals, had seen a ranger removing the bag containing the clue from the ladder on the dock. They explained that it was a clue for a treasure hunt, and asked whether he could leave it in the water. No, no foreign objects allowed in the water. Then they asked whether he could leave it on the dock. No, no foreign objects allowed on the dock. So, they asked to take it, and after he'd walked off, they hid it in the bushes.}

After we found the clue we went to a nearby Japanese restaurant to have dinner and work on the clue. Thanks to the GPS transmitters on our vans, Game Control knew that we were the closest team to the clue site who had already found the clue, and they called us to say that subsequent teams were having a lot of trouble finding the clue in the bushes. (We had been the last team to find it before the sun set.) They asked us to go back and help the other teams find the clue, which we did.

The seventh clue consisted of a purple envelope with this drawing on the outside:

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and this on the inside:

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Also inside the envelope were the following three pieces of paper: