It was quite a winding, foggy and lo-o-o-ng drive along Skyline Boulevard to Castle Rock Park. This was a repeat location - we had been to Castle Rock Park during the Megahard game as well, and at about the same time of night.

This time, we arrived at about 5:45 am and were there long enough to see the sun rise.

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We scouted the parking lot and found a sign on the trailhead kiosk that said "follow the beacons" - I can't remember whether it gave a distance but I believe it ended up being 0.8 miles. So - a 1.6 mile round trip hike (or run) in the middle of the night? I don't THINK so! I stayed in the van while most of my intrepid teammates took off running. Justin and Charlie are both in the Hash House Harriers, so trail runs in the middle of the night are fun for them.

{Off topic - I think Justin and Charlie's Hash names are Pubic Perm and Shit Eating Grin - but then all Hash names are disgusting and embarrassing, they don't give you a name unless you squirm visibly upon hearing it for the first time.}

After what seemed like almost an hour and probably was, because Justin said he had gone about a mile past the clue site, everybody returned to the van with a two small blocks of wood which were screwed together with sixteen 2" long screws. Considering that GC had had to make fifteen (oops - sixteen) copies of each clue, that's a lot of screwing!

Apparently when my team got to the clue site they had found a locked box, secured with a padlock with a four digit numeric combination. And no indication of how to open it. Brute force might have been an option except they hadn't brought any tools, and this would have had the disadvantage of helping subsequent teams.